Got Wheatgrass?

Nutrition that is accessible, affordable, and convenient.

Why We Love Wheatgrass!

A life Sustaining Food Protein, complex carbs & plant fats, vitamins, amino acids, minerals, enzymes
Concentrated Over-All Nutrition 16 sachets of our wheatgrass is equal to 350lbs of choicest vegetables
Helps Maintain pH Balance of the Body King of Alkaline; vital processes of the body depend on pH balance. Acidity leads to disease.
Chlorophyll: Supports Blood Circulation Chemical structure similar to HEMI in blood. Supports blood production
Chlorophyll: Enhances Wound Healing Use in WWII on wounds; stimulates tissue formation, reduces odor and dries the sore.
Chlorophyll: Helps Prevent Cancer Inhibits the metabolic activity of carcinogens. Protects the liver.
Chlorophyll: Great Internal Deodorant Reduces odors of wounds and fecal matter.
Helps Heal Intestinal Diseases Positive results for treating ulcers, spastic colitis, sigmoiditis, ulcerative colitis, and pancreatitis.
Has Powerful Anti-Oxidants High ORAC value; Vitamin A, C & E, Chlorophyll, & Selenium.
Rich in Powerful Enzymes P4D1 found in wheatgrass stimulates repair of DNA molecule; reproduced cells are healthy

Why The Recommended Wheatgrass Is Different!

100% Organic No chemicals; organic fertilizer
Grown Indoors Free from pollutants
Grown Aeroponically (No Soil) No bacteria or fungus
Grown Aeroponically (No Soil) No bacteria or fungus
Temperature Controlled Ensures best growth
Automatic Watering System by Mist Ensures healthy plant growth
Artificial Sunlight Ensures sufficient sunlight
Harvested on 8th Day Peak nutritional value
Includes both the Roots & Leaves Maximum nutrition
Cold-drying Process Maintains all nutrients
Super Micro Grinding Machine Superfine powder that dissolves easily
Ultra-violet Rays Eliminate any bacteria
Automatic Packaging in 'Aluminum Foils' Hygienic, bacteria free & easy to carry

Why Everyone Needs Wheatgrass!

Poor Diets Diets lack adequate consumption of vegetables & fruits
Junk Food Consumption of too much fast food & processed food
Prescription Medications Not fully eliminated from our bodies
Stressful Lifestyles Methods available to reduce stress not utilized
Polluted Air Toxins in air absorbed by simply breathing
Lack of Exercise Sedentary lifestyles
Constipation Toxins aren't released from our bodies & build up