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GotWheatgrass.Com is Proud to Support Two Important Non-Profit Organizations

Dream for The Stars - Helping Victims of Domestic Violence

"Dream For The Stars is an organization of people with a passion to make a difference in our world. We not only help victims of domestic violence by raising money and offering safety and shelter; but, also by educating and empowering them to have happy/healthy life free from abuse. We also offer information on programs that will help the abuser understand the dynamics of abuse in the family and how to break free of the drive to control loved ones. Most importantly, we believe it is extremely important to educate children at a young age so they will:
1. Understand violence,
2. Make them aware of their surroundings and learn to avoid strangers,
3. Know how and who to ask for help if someone is hurting them,
4. Develop good self-esteem and
5. Learn how to overcome obstacles so they can achieve their dreams."

You too can support Dream For The Stars end domestic violence by purchasing your herbal products from their online store. 20% of all proceeds go directly to the charity.

National Scholastic Sports Foundation - Offering Young Athletes The Opportunity to Participate in National Events

Is an organization dedicated to the support of junior age (sub 20) and high school track and field. Aside from offering support to the USATF Junior Track and Field and selected high school track and field meets, we can own and operate the Nike Indoor Nationals, the Nike Outdoor Nationals, and the Great American Cross Country Festival. provides nutritional for the young athletes and scholarships to support disadvantaged athletes so the too may attend and participate in a track & field or cross country event. You can support these young athletes by purchasing your herbal products through the National Scholastic Sports Foundation's online store. 20% off all proceeds go directly to the non-profit for distribution to the athletes. If you would like to support an athlete directly for $500.00 please contact Joy Kamani at